“If the Shoe fits” Angels Matt Shoemaker is an Undercover Ace

Updated: June 18, 2016

There is so much to dislike about the Angels season so far. One thing is for certain, Matt Shoemaker has really come on his past starts for the Angels, But you would never realize it looking at his win-loss record. In his last 7 starts, he has  pitched 47 innings and posted a 2.85 ERA.

That is roughly 6 and two-thirds inning per start, which is what the Angels are needing right now, nice starts by our starting pitching staff taking them deep into ballgames. A few weeks ago, on the night that Albert Pujols went to number 12 in the all time home runs a list.

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Very few will remember the fact that Matt Shoemaker went 8 and 2/3 allowing zero runs. He was one out away from a shutout. Let us just hope that the rest of our starting pitching staff, along with the debut of Tim Lincecum and Nick Tropeano coming off the DL, can turn it around and send a shockwave throughout the bullpen and in turn into the offensive bats.

That we may be able to actually compete in our division. We still have a long way to go, and it is time that we back our ERA leader, Matt Shoemaker.



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