Is Alex Meyer Actually Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn from “Major League”?

Updated: February 22, 2017

The other day, I continued my yearly tradition of watching the baseball classic “Major League” to celebrate the start of Spring Training. I’ve seen the movie hundreds of times in my short life, but it always gives me hope. If the fictional Cleveland Indians can win it all, then the real life Los Angeles Angels can win it too. This year, though, I realized something that I hadn’t before. That realization? The Angels are becoming a squad of fictional baseball characters brought to life. The players that helped me realize this? None other than Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn and Halo pitcher Alex Meyer.

Everyone knows Rick Vaughn from “Major League” as their fireballing closer who struck out Clu Heywood to win the pennant. What people seem to forget is that Vaughn was originally a starter who couldn’t find the strike zone.

When you think about it, Alex Meyer is actually the real life version of Rick Vaughn. The Halo HQ number four overall prospect has been abysmal in majors, but throws absolute heat. Over 28 major league innings, Meyer has had a BB/9 of 6.4 and a WHIP of 1.75. Sounds a lot like Vaughn, right? Meyer has the same make up as Vaughn, as he throws his fastball for a majority of his pitches. The control is similar (but I don’t know if Meyer has ever broke the head off of a plywood batter), so they really are similar players. The only difference is that one is fictional and one is not. Maybe Meyer just needs a pair of glasses, but that’s highly unlikely.

It’s not only Meyer who compares to a fictional character though. These span from Ben Revere to Mike Trout and down to even Mike Scioscia. Be on the lookout for more player comparisons.

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