Is Maybin’s LF Spot In Jeopardy?

Updated: March 11, 2017

It is accurate to put forth that Cameron Maybin’s Spring Training has not been the one he was hoping to have. In 17 at-bats thus far, the outfielder has not gotten a hit. In those plate appearances, he has accumulated seven punch outs, which is assuredly not an attractive statistic to get a load of.  

His teammate, Ben Revere, has had a spring that is indicative of precisely the opposite trend. Granted it is Spring Training, indeed, the numbers do not lie as the saying is oftentimes spun. Let alone the array of hits he has already assembled that make for a potent .500 batting average, he has demonstrated another excellent quality of a potential table setter: plate discipline. He has five walks this spring, so that OBP is no joke.

As a result, it is curious to wonder which of the two will ultimately be getting the greater share of playing time come April. Jeff Fletcher of The Orange County Register recently got in touch with Manager Mike Scioscia regarding this conundrum and the former MLB catcher was very frank in his reply.

“‘Cam is going to be our left fielder.’”

When the Angels acquired Maybin, GM Billy Eppler asserted that Maybin would be the primary mainstay in left field. The stance did not alter itself one bit when the team swooped in and got the services of Revere.

It is entirely reasonable that the team has not lost an ounce of faith in the former member of the AL Central. Scioscia later commented that hitters in general can struggle when it comes to finding that right timing in the batter’s box. It makes sense, too, given that Cameron is on a new team. It could shed light on why he is pressing right now.

Sometimes all it takes is getting a hold of that one mistake pitch or even getting a lousy blooper to drop in between a pair of fielders. Whenever Maybin finds that little sliver of luck, it will be interesting to see how he responds. The man hit .315 last year, a career high, so what he is capable of is not in question.

At the same time, it is fair to expect that the team will continue to mull over its options as spring continues. Revere is swinging a flaming hot bat, and if the production does not cease, it may be harder to sit him down once the games do carry significance. Revere will certainly be revered as a worthy backup candidate to any of the outfielders according to Fletcher’s piece. He gives the team an added lift and jolt of speed regardless of what his role winds up as.

Thus, it is safe to say that Maybin’s job is as safe as can be. In all likelihood, he will not even be as strongly scrutinized until the regular season is underway. It does not automatically mean, however, that Revere will be treated as an afterthought. It is plausible to speculate that the two could be a mini dynamic duo of sorts once they both catch fire.

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