What Isn’t Superstar Mike Trout A Beast At?

Updated: April 21, 2017

Recently, Angels’ superstar Mike Trout challenged some of his teammates to play some cards with him. First baseman C.J. Cron never gave in despite Trout’s earnest, persistent pleas. As a result, fellow outfielder Kole Calhoun stepped up to the plate for Cron.

In the juvenile stages of the matchup, Kole was in the lead. It was not even all too close. It looked like the stout, red-headed Halo had the game in the bag. But then things changed on a dime. One could coin it as luck. Regardless of that argument, Trout kept crawling back and made things interesting. Amidst all of this, Matt Shoemaker could not help but say “See what I mean?”

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports shares more detail regarding Shoemaker’s comments. Shoemaker kept talking about how Trout seems to practically do nothing wrong. It is something he did not say just for the heck of it. It is definitely a statement that carries a lot of truth with it and the right-handed pitcher did not hesitate for a split second when asked for specifics.

“‘When we go fishing in the ocean, he’s always the first one to catch a fish,’ Shoemaker said. ‘It’s crazy. He’s that type of guy. Anything you do, he’ll usually win. We’re playing cards, he has this wonderful aura. There’s got to be something.’”

Back to the game of cards with Kole. As time went on, what was once a very comfortable lead for Calhoun no longer became so comfortable. The Angels’ right fielder was totally stunned by what was happening in that moment. It is one of those things that cannot be adequately articulated.

Now in sixth full major league season, Trout has earned the title of the best player in baseball. Hands down. The numbers he attained the previous five years speak for themselves. Heck, the man has a pair of MVPs to show for it. What is scary to think about is that the three years he did not win the prestigious title he finished in second. Simply put, it denotes that he strives for one thing: to be the best. And he continues to back it up year after year.

What is amazing about his unparalleled success is that he is the furthest thing from boastful. He is kind as can be, has a smile that could light up a building, signs autographs for kids before every game, and so forth. It begs the question: what isn’t Mike Trout gifted at?

“Well… ,” Shoemaker said when asked.

The sheer fact that Shoemaker could not develop a decent answer signifies how special the 25-year-old Angels’ phenom is. The two-time MVP is just that way. His contract has enough digits on it to make anyone change. Yet he has not changed a bit since his younger days. He remains the same humble soul that came from New Jersey to the sandy shores of Southern California multiple years back. Relief pitcher Mike Morin also invested a minute to speak about the Angels’ other Mike.

“‘He’s just a little better than everybody,’ Morin said. ‘You begin to appreciate it. I’m very competitive. And there are just things he can do that I … can’t. And that’s OK. Because he’s Mike Trout.’”

What’s funny to realize, though, is that Trout himself admits that there is something he has never had great success with. This is crazy to believe given the stories his teammates have told. However, there is a popular game where his success rate is not through the roof.

“‘Fiancée gets me at Scrabble all the time,’ he said. ‘It’s a lot easier on the cell phone with Words With Friends, where I can plug in letters and hopefully they’re words.’”

There you have it. There is one of the only weaknesses Trout has. In spite of this being the case, it is hard to pinpoint any glaring faults. Although Calhoun did catch one of Mike’s rare slip ups some time ago.

“‘I saw him park really screwed up once,’” Calhoun said.

But, let’s be honest for a minute here. Something like that is so minor in nature. Everyone has probably done it from time to time. Maybe it happens when there is that big company meeting. Or maybe when there is that new burger joint in town. Or whatever else life happens to spew out.

All that can be said about Trout is that we are lucky to have him aboard as an Angel. He is already one of the greatest outfielders in the modern era of baseball. He is a ball player whose talents are practically impossible to fathom. Yes, his vocabulary may not quite compete with Shakespeare’s. Perhaps on occasion his parking abilities are slightly awry. Even when those once in a blue moon occurrences transpire, though, there is still an aura about him that is indisputable. It is extremely hard to find a weak spot in Trout because he is just that good at his craft and, well, life.

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