It would be a smart business move for the Angels to sign Tim Tebow

Updated: August 11, 2016

Let’s leave out the fact the guy has not played baseball since 2005 and look at what he would do from an organizational standpoint.

Signing Tim Tebow would allow the Angels to reach an audience that would be guaranteed to come out to watch him play every single day he starts whether in the stands, or at home on their television.

This audience is called the evangelical community, Tim Tebow is held in very high regard in that community because of his outward expressions of faith on the football field. Drawing national attention in 2010 by having biblical quotes written in his eye black while en-route to a national championship appearance. According to US News in 2008, the evangelical community is about 41 percent of the total population of the United States.

Tim Tebow has more likes on Facebook than three MLB clubs (Dbacks, Rays, White Sox} sitting at 2.8 likes on Facebook alone, even if only 10 percent of those fans become Angels fans when he is on the team, buying tickets, merchandise, food at the ballpark. That is 280,000 new Angels fans, and 280,000 people who will buy Angels stuff, purely based upon the fact that Tebow’s name is on it. That is a lot of money for the organization as a whole.

Not to mention the insane coverage that ESPN would give the Angels whether Tebow does good or bad. Purely based off the fact that ESPN knows they will gain a lot of viewers just because they mention Tim Tebow, which is why they keep him around at ESPN.

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