It’s an entirely different kind of trading, altogether

Updated: July 20, 2015


More on the Airplane! reference later, but, as July inches closer to August, MLB teams inch closer to the brink of next year. For those teams on the brink, this weeks upcoming games could either spell destiny or doom, and for teams like the Angels, its keep on keepin’ on. Even with the turmoil that is the Halos front office, the product on the field has been nothing short of spectacular. Spectacular enough, that it seems the Angels are not one of those teams on the fence between buying and selling and are clear buyers.

At this point, its also become crystal clear what the Angels need in order to make an attempt for a deep October run. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, and pretty much any other news outlet around has reported interest in a lefty outfielder. Names like Jay Bruce, Ben Revere, Gerardo Parra, Ben Zobrist, and Andre Ethier have been most heavily linked to the Halos, and frankly any of these guys should be attainable, even with a weak farm system. Unfortunately, the big names like Upton, CarGo, even the enigma that is Yasiel Puig, should be avoided by these Angels as giving up what little farm value they have isn’t worth any of those guys. (Although I must say, if the Dodgers really wanted to give up on Puig after he was branded ‘untouchable’

no more than twelve months ago, a package involving C.J. Wilson would certainly peak my interest)

Earlier in June, it was reported that the Angels were linked in talks with the Dodgers for Ethier in a swap for Wilson, but as we all know, that did not happen. Fast forward to July and again reports of a potential deal involving Ben Revere fell through and perhaps we begin to wonder if the interim GM if afraid to pull the trigger. In my opinion, I’m not sure that is the case, and perhaps the asking price for these players was too high at the time. With that said, and assuming that the Dodgers strike out on a deal for Hamels, Cueto or even Samardzija, would they want to re-open discussions with Ethier?

To be honest, I think the Angels could do a lot worse than a Wilson for Ethier swap. It’s become fairly certain that Andrew Heaney is Wilsons replacement in the rotation going forward, and Wilson, to me at least, has always been slightly over-rated, especially in terms of his contract. I’ve talked a lot of trash about the Angels farm system, but if there is one thing they do have an overabundance of, its most certainly pitching. Ethier would appear to be along the same lines as Wilson, disappointing for his dollar amount, just in the outfield. So why trade one overpaid player to acquire another? How’s just about 100 points in batting average sound? In my last article I mentioned the underwhelming .190 average that Matt Joyce is currently sporting. (Actually, it could be worse, but I mean is a few points either way making that much of a difference at this point? Didn’t think so) Enter Ethier. He’s not blowing people away with his stat line (.287/.371/.480) but any time that you could upgrade your batting average, at any position, by 100 points give or take, you absolutely have to consider. Especially since a move like this wouldn’t hurt the farm, theres even more reason to consider.

Another thing for the Angels to consider at this point is adding another arm to that bullpen. With a team ERA at around 3.47 they find themselves right in the middle of the league. So, its not an immediate concern, especially with  back there closing it out in the 9th, but surely, if there’s a cheap relief arm available, the Angels will do their ‘due diligence’

(By the way, I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley!”

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