Jefry Marté: Could Be The Perfect Utility Man

Updated: February 15, 2017

Even after a productive 2016 campaign, Jefry Marté may not be an everyday player for the Angels this season. However, that does not diminish the value he brings.


Although Jefry Marté was not on the Opening Day roster for the Angels in 2016, he still put up mighty respectable numbers once he got called up from the minors. In a mere 88 contests, Marté made the absolute most of his opportunities by clobbering 15 jacks and driving in 44 runs. With those details out there, his potential production over a full season is difficult to not grin about when some simple arithmetic is executed.

As a result, many (including the writer behind the keyboard, in all sincerity) surmised that he could have been a bona fide lock for a starting role of some kind in 2017. However, the acquisitions of players such as Cameron Maybin and Luis Valbuena make it all the more likely that Marté will not serve that type of function with the Halos in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, Yunel Escobar is returning as well, so unless Escobar’s batting average is somehow far worse than it was in 2016 and in 2015, Marté may not be in luck to start many games.

In spite of this practically guaranteed inevitability, Jefry’s value to the team should not be taken gingerly. After all, Marté made it quite evident last season that he is versatile from a defensive standpoint. This is safe to say because of the fact that he attained playing time at third, first, and even in the outfield every once in a while. Every team needs a guy or two like this, and Marté may need to be given a second look if he continues to prove himself further once Spring Training contests are underway.

Staff writer David Rice of similarly thinks that Marté should not be haphazardly viewed as an afterthought of some caliber. In furtherance of this line of thought, he actually conjured up the following idea in his piece entitled “Los Angeles Angels forgotten man Jefry Marte.”

“With all the injuries the Angels had last season, Marte could prove to be very valuable as a injury replacement for someone who goes on the DL, but I think Marte deserves a shot to play every day.”

This aforementioned point is curious because, in a sense, Marté could theoretically be the equivalent of a 6th man in the NBA if he does not ultimately receive a starting gig. This seems to be fitting to presume given the above average power he showcased at the plate along with his ability to play various positions last year. One could go insofar as to argue, too, that his defensive skills exceed Escobar’s. This only adds to his value rather than making him some kind of anomaly.

Yet, the pressing question germane to Marté is whether he gets that chance to shine on the biggest stage on a regular basis. Either way, he is definitely a player worth keeping a sharp eye on as time shimmies along. Indeed, too (at the bare minimum), he may be the definition of a perfect utility man for the Angels. He gives them depth and head honcho Mike Scioscia plenty of options to consider.

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