Jered Weaver spent the first day of Spring Training at Dave & Busters

Updated: February 16, 2017

The free agent veteran seems to be enjoying life even without baseball in it thus far as Spring Training has begun. Halo HQ has been keeping a close eye on any Jered Weaver news, as we came across a social media Weaver?

Now it’s not official yet whether or not this is the true Jered Weaver on twitter, but his mentions have included Mike Trout and Dan Haren.

Weaver tweeted to his fans, that he still has the competitive spirit. Whoever he beat at pop a shot, you just lost your high score.

Even though Weaver might be spending his days at Dave and Buster, maybe he deserves one last chance?

According to our Editor James Francuz “Even though numbers along those lines are not the most attractive to the naked eye per se, one cannot help but to wonder whether the Long Beach product deserves one last opportunity.”

Hopefully, if he is not on a MLB roster in 2017, the Angels honor him to serve as a thank you. If you miss Weaver, you may want to check your local Dave and Busters to get a quick autograph.

Miss you Weaver.

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