Jerry DiPoto Never Stood A Chance With The Angels

Updated: July 1, 2015

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Los Angeles Angels general manager, Jerry Dipoto has stepped down from his duties, due to a reported disagreement with Angels Manager Mike Scioscia. Although Mike Scioscia guided the Angels to their first ever World Series Title in 2002, Angels Owner Arte Moreno, has given Sciosica too much power. Now the team is possibly heading to a disaster.

Jerry Dipoto joined the Angels in 2011, and Moreno thought it would be better if Dipoto and Scioscia work together. Unfortunately, Jerry Dipoto was never able to do his job, as Scioscia held more power then the general manager. The general manager should have the final say on all baseball decisions, but sometimes that freedom was shut down by Scioscia. Now Dipoto is walking away from his job to avoid a disaster in Anaheim.

Scioscia did win the World Series, which he was the main driving force behind, but he should have not gotten more power after that. If you look at the date today, it’s been around 13 years since that World Series Title. Maybe it’s time for the Angels to reevaluate who should have the power. Oh Wait Jerry Dipoto already made that decision and walked away. Dipoto should of gotten the power, but wasn’t as sources told fans, Dipoto stormed out of his office with his belongs. Dipoto was tired of the mess in Anaheim.

At this point, the Angels might as well give Scioscia the general manager position. Scioscia obviously runs the roles of manager and general manger. He’s the guy that knows best, and he’s perfect for the team. Maybe the Angels should re-name the stadium “Scioscia Stadium”

Jerry Dipoto was a great general manager, just was not given the full amount of respect. He built this team with Mike Trout, Huston Street and Albert Pujols. He also made another tiny moves, which Scioscia probably hated. I wish Dipoto the best of the luck in the future, and hope he finds an organization that will be able to trust him.

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