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Updated: December 18, 2015


Are you interested in joining the team at Halo Headquarters? Halo HQ is currently looking for passionate new team members to join the Angels Family.  If you’re interested in becoming any of the following positions listed below,  please email Alex Alarcon at with a resume and cover letter on why you see yourself excelling in that position.

Open Positions: 

Staff Writer: Our writers’ content has been seen on and If your content is good, it will be seen. Halo Headquarters is dedicated to turning its writers into the best in the sports world.  If you have what it takes, Become a writer for the Angels at Halo HQ. A staff writer will cover any topics from results, rumors and own opinionated articles. If you love to write and have the passion, apply today.

Broadcaster: During the season, Halo HQ will be broadcasting some of the games to our fans. As the broadcaster, you must have knowledgable information about each player, and ability to describe the game where fans can picture exactly what is going on. The broadcasters will be streaming the game via a new app called common-tater. 

Social Media Content Promoter: As the social media content promoter, you will need to interact with our fans via our Halo HQ Twitter, and Instagram. Live tweet during games, post photos and more importantly gain followers. Must be very comfortable using social media, and have a wide knowledge about it.

All positions are unpaid until reaching a certain rank at Halo HQ. 

Very easy to move up the company, if you are passionate and willing to put in the hard work

Although Halo Headquarters may have started off as a smaller destination, it is growing by the day. That is very exciting news for anyone who wants his/her work read by a large amount of people. Join The Team Today!

Alex Alarcon is the CEO and Senior Writer at Halo Headquarters.  Follow him on Twitter @AlexAlarcon49, and “Like” him on Facebook.

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