Josh Hamilton Highlights

Updated: April 27, 2015

Josh Hamilton Highlights

April 27th 2015


ANAHEIM – Today the Los Angeles Angels announced they have traded away Josh Hamilton to the Rangers. Josh Hamilton was with the Angels for two years (2013-2014) and produced a above average couple of seasons. Even though fans were hoping for Hamilton to have the same numbers as he did as an Ranger, Hamilton never fully produced as an Angel. Hamilton would end the 2014 season on a batting slump, possibly due to a bad shoulder which he rehabbed in the summer. Hamilton would announce he had a relapse, and the outfielder life would turn upside down. Here are the recent episodes Hamilton encountered with the Angels including a Marriage that could be falling apart.

April 14th (Angels Turn Back On Hamilton)

April 18th (Hamilton Future with Angels in Jeopardy)

April 19th (Reports come out Hamilton filed for Divorce)

April 27th (Angels make official statement. Hamilton Traded)


As we say Goodbye to Josh Hamilton, let’s take a look at his Stats and Highlights as a member of the Los Angeles Angels.

2013 SEASON:

Games played: (151)      At Bats: (576)             Hits: (144)              Doubles: (32)               Triples: (5)

Home-Runs: (21)           RBI’S: (79)                 Walks: (47)              StrikeOuts: (158)         AVG: (.250)


2014 SEASON:

Games played: (89)      At Bats: (338)             Hits: (89)                Doubles: (21)                 Triples: (0)

Home-Runs: (10)          RBI’S: (44)                 Walks: (32)              StrikeOuts: (108)         AVG: (.263)


Josh Hamilton Highlights


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