Why Left Field Platoon May Not Be Best Idea For The Halos

Updated: April 25, 2017

Given the numerous injuries so far and the subpar record, many questions currently surround the Angels. One worth diving into is whether the left field situation for the Halos is ideal or not. It is fair to argue that it is not at this point. Yes, granted the season is young, Manager Mike Scioscia may need to step out of his comfort zone for the betterment of the ball club.

The season is still pretty young. That cannot be refuted. But there may be reason as to why Cameron Maybin and Ben Revere are not playing to the best of their abilities at the time being. Let’s take a small glimpse at the facts, shall we?   Maybin is currently just above the Mendoza line, whereas Revere is below that undesirable number. Ugh, right?! It is unfortunate on the grounds that the pair were gotten in order to reverse what has been a problem in recent memory. A major problem. Well, so far that goal has not really been fulfilled. Like at all. Suffice to say, it’s been a bit of a disappointment. The word disappointment is probably too kind of a term to put forth.

As was said, it is understandable that it is still early. That is true. But that logic gets a little old after a while. Let’s be very frank. Likewise, the maple syrupy kind of starts for the team itself are getting to be old. Anywhoo. It is not say that their numbers will not get better. Because they will. There is absolute confidence there. Yet it is fair to argue that the two left fielders may not be performing wonderfully due to the way they are being utilized.

Even though Maybin has gotten more playing time in left field as was promised by Scioscia before the year started, the difference in playing time between the two is not glaring. The split is a little more even than many would have surmised. Obviously, that may sound like the definition of a platoon (which to some degree was expected). However, the fact that their playing time is close to a split does not look like a wise idea to meddle with.

Let’s face it. Neither of the two may truly hit their stride if their playing time continues to be so inconsistent. They will not be able to develop any sort of groove in the batter’s box. That will not be good for the Angels because beyond Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons, few hitters have shown consistency. The team will need more depth in their line up to even start to get back on track. The array of injuries to their pitching staff specifically makes this an even more important need to address. Irregular playing time for those out in left field is thus not the right formula.

As a result, Mike Scioscia has to give one of the two a more full-time role. As of now, the edge should go to Maybin. It is not to say that Revere is an incapable left fielder or hitter. That is not reasonable to assert by any means. To assert that would be flat out ridiculous. However, trying to always make both players happy is not really the best way to go about the left field conundrum. One of them needs to take the reins and that guy should be Maybin. In doing so, he may be able to start to locate an overall sense of where he needs to be. It would increase his chances for success. That is the best course of action for the Halos to take.

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