Major change coming to MLB All Star Game

Updated: December 1, 2016

Recently, Major League Baseball decided that the All-Star Game will no longer decide which league gets home field advantage during the world series. Now home field advantage will be decided by things like, seed and record. Which in one sense is good because there has been some teams that have been screwed out of hosting a game seven based on this rule (cough cough, Chicago Cubs).

However on the other hand, it is very detrimental to the sport of baseball as a whole. It used to be that the MLB All Star Game was the only sports all star game that we the fans actually saw the best of the best, playing at their best. Now removing any implications that the game has, takes away its importance, making it just another game where fans spend hundreds of dollars just to watch players “have fun”.

Rather than spend all that money on tickets, merchandise, and travel expenses alone, to go and watch the best of the best square off in a game that may actually mean something. Now fans get the privilege to travel long distances just to see spring training level effort. By that I do not mean the players that are going to try their hardest to earn a spot. I am mentioning the ones who already have a spot, who just kinda coast to avoid any sort of injury that would prevent them from playing the following season.

The All-Star game is going to become a waste of money similar to what the NFL Pro Bowl has become, unless Major League Baseball can incorporate some more activities in which fans actually get to interact with their favorite players, or even just major league legends in general.


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