Maldonado Acquisition May Be More Valuable Than Some Think

Updated: March 1, 2017

For a handful of years or so duration wise, Angels’ catcher Martin Maldonado served as the primary backup to Jonathan Lucroy. One of the central reasons Maldonado was behind Lucroy so often during his tenure in Milwaukee was not only due to what transpired in the batter’s box, but due to defensive matters. Lucroy has been one of the more respected guys behind the dish in baseball on account of his ability to frame pitches well.

The Halos’ new acquisition started to notice the love and attention Lucroy accrued over the course of time. As a result of this previously echoed attention, it spurred Maldonado to want to step up his game, as it were.

An article by Pedro Moura of The Los Angeles Times talks about Maldonado’s desire to maximize his potential. Brewers’ skipper Craig Counsell further explains the relationship between Lucroy and Maldonado, and how the former helped Maldonado’s defensive abilities unfold.

“‘Sometimes, it helps having someone else around that they say is good at it, because it makes you want to be good at it,’ Brewers Manager Craig Counsell said this week. ‘That’s human nature. Maldy’s competitive. He felt like, ‘Hey, I’m a good defensive player. I can be good at that, too.”’

From 2011-2015 the Brewers’ head honcho was Ron Roenicke, which gave him more than enough exposure to Maldonado. He happens to presently be the Halos’ third base coach. When the Angels traded for Maldonado, Roenicke was ecstatic with regard to the player’s exceptional development defensively. In fact, Mike Scioscia also had some of the earliest glimpses of Maldonado’s professional tenure given that the Angels originally drafted Martin way back in 2004.

The only factor that has held Maldonado back to some degree is that he has not always been the most consistent player from an offensive perspective. He has not necessarily had a mega amount of success in that neck of the woods.

Despite that being true, the individual is getting perhaps his first ever legitimate chance to really earn a lot of innings in 2017. Carlos Perez will certainly receive his fair share of time as well to ensure there is a sense of equilibrium. Be that as it may, Maldonado’s above average defense and cannon of an arm may make him the man Scioscia utilizes a little more often. Since Scioscia was a catcher himself back in the day, too, it only makes perfect sense logically that Maldonado could end up being a rock of sorts.

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