Maldonado vs Perez

Updated: February 13, 2017

The Angels were able to make a switch behind the plate early in the offseason, Jett Bandy left Anaheim and Martin Maldonado came to the Big A, now battling for the starting spot against Carlos Perez.

The Angels have been widely know as the team to seek offense over defense. True defense wins games, but teams need to score in order to win. Perez has not played in over 100 games in a single season. Although, he has had two years of play in the big leagues, hopefully leaving the usual sophomore slump, Perez is looking to become a productive big leaguer. In 87 games Perez batted .206, 31 rbi’s, and 5 homers. He was able to increase the runs batted in by 10, but his hitting greatly suffered from the year before his batting average was .250.

What came as a really big shocker from many Angel fans was the trade  Jett Bandy to the Milwaukee Brewers for Martin Maldonado and a minor league pitcher. Maldonado, was the backup in Milwaukee, like Perez, has not played in 100 big league games. We can cut Perez some slack, but Maldonado has had 6 years in the big leagues. His bat doesn’t have that much pop with batting average of .202, his defensive saber metrics are average at best.


Perez wins the spot. After trading Jett Bandy it was a clear sign that the Angels were fully invested in Carlos Perez. A runner up in the AL Gold Glove for American league catchers, he posted a .995 fielding percentage. What we can safely assume is he will be working on the hitting in spring training and hopefully we will see him making more solid contact. The only chance Maldonado has of taking his spot if there is a drastic change in his game.



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