Marté Continues To Shine When Given The Opportunity

Updated: March 6, 2017

There are still a fair amount of games that have yet to be played in Spring Training. However, in the time he has been bestowed with, the highly versatile Jefry Marté has continually made a positive impact.

This should perhaps come as no surprise as a result of the way he played last year for the Angels. Although he participated in only 88 contests last year, he posted a healthy 15 dingers and 44 RBIs. Additionally, he put together a slugging percentage of .481 over that span. Stemming from that aforementioned production, one could say there has definitely been a carryover effect of sorts.

In eight games, Marté has collected 8 hits, with a pair of them being home runs. A handful of RBIs have resulted from the work he is doing at the plate, and, let alone that, he has demonstrated some respectable discipline by drawing a trio of walks so far.

He has even done a bit of work using his legs by swiping a bag. In spite of it being Spring Training and a somewhat diminutive sample size all things considered, Marté has been one of the most consistent guys for Mike Scioscia to rely on.

If the Dominican product continues to perform at this level, he could challenge likely starter Yunel Escobar for some playing time once the regular season is underway. Certainly, Marté has not been in the big leagues all too long.

No one is refuting that for even a split second. Regardless of this truth, his consistency is not difficult to take note of. Even if he is not a regular starter initially, to have a trustworthy presence as the next guy in line is an amazing asset to have.

The 25-year-old ball player offers above average power and a glove that is no worse than that of the previously mentioned Escobar.

As a matter of fact, a case could be made that it is better than Yunel’s. When this is amalgamated together, it is safe to say that the Halos may have a keeper in Marté. Jefry’s name may not be written on the Opening Day lineup card, but that does not invalidate what he has been doing time and time again on the playing confines. He has given the team stability in Spring Training, and should therefore be given greater attention if this trend does not end anytime soon.

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