Mike Trout Wants A Championship

Updated: February 21, 2017

Spring Training has finally arrived, excitement returns as our Angels get ready to take on the season with a newly built lineup, but the star of our team is absolutely tired of the lack of success.

It’s a fact we are all lucky to be alive to watch Mike Trout play baseball. The Angels, star center fielder was venting to reporters about the Angels not making the playoffs. The constant topic of the Angels wasting his best years are true. Mike plays at the highest level in the majors, and expects his teammates to pick up the slack, but he has been a one man army for years. His efforts have clearly taken a toll on him.

Trout, is devoted to the Angels as he told USA Today sports, “You want to get to the playoffs. It’s fun. You’ve seen the World Series last year. You want to be in that Atmosphere.”

Recognizing his personal success, with open arms but explaining to reporters the lack of team success. His frustrations are building up but plans to give the Angels everything he’s got to get back to the post season.

Trout has gone under intense training in the offseason to get his body and mind ready for the season. The Angels, will need more than that, while picking up players to fill significant roles that were missing last season. The biggest key for the Angels to bring home a winner is the health of the starting staff. The biggest problem the Angels had last year. With no backups in the minor leagues it’s all or nothing for our Halos.

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