Nolasco Does The Job Once Again; Angels Cruise Against the Blue Jays

Updated: September 18, 2016

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Though Carlos Enrique Nolasco’s record for the 2016 season for the Minnesota Twins and the Anaheim Angels isn’t stellar, he’s been rising up to the occasion in his recent starts; unfortunately, in his last three starts, his record is 1 win [vs. Cincinnati via his first complete game shut out of his career] and 2 losses [7 runs, 8 hits, 8 K’s in 13 innings against Oakland and Seattle respectively]. On Saturday’s game, Nolasco made sure that the Angels losing skid of 5 straight will be no more.

As you may know, Nolasco was acquired by the Twins on August 1, but the fans left scratching their heads. Nowadays, whenever he takes the mound, fans are no doubt stoke to see him pitch another gem, and that he did against the Blue Jays. It was all roses, as he allowed the leadoff man to reach base in five of his six scoreless innings, throwing 102 pitches, and lowering his ERA to 4.02. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays failed to score in the first five of six until they finally scored their first and only run in the top half of the eighth inning, when Melvin Emanuel Upton Jr. made a sacrifice fly to Center Fielder [Michael Nelson Trout] and allowing Juan De Dios Encarnación to score. That was their only offense that the Blue Jays had, w/ a disastrous 1/12 with runners in scoring position and 11 runners left on base.

As for the Angels, they had to end their five-game losing streak, and here’s how they end their skid:

In the home half of the second, Francisco Liriano Casillas made a pitch against José Alberto Pujols Alcántara, but Pujols sees the ball that was right over the plate, where he sends that ball a projected 417 feet into the left-field stands and the ball traveling at 106 miles per hour; that is according to Statcast™. After two, the Angels were up 1-0.

Then, in the fifth, the Blue Jays’ Devon Anthony Travis made a baserunning mistake: not making ill-advised decisions on trying to go from second to third base when the ball rolls to the shortstop, and in this case, Joshua Adam Donaldson hit the ball to Andrelton A. Simmons and noticed Travis running to third, so it was a no brainer for him to throw to third baseman Yunel Escobar Almenares to make the out.

The Blue Jays challenged the called, but the ruling stands as “OUT”, and thus lose the challenge. Travis recently made the same baserunning blunder last week, so it’s no doubt that he needs to take baserunning 101 class during the offseason.
In the home half of the fifth, Andrelton Simmons reached 1st via bases on balls, and was alert when a wild pitch was made, causing him to go from first to third, and then scored on Shane Robinson’s single. At the end of fifth, the Angels were winning 2-0.

In the sixth inning, Kole Alan Calhoun got a base hit, but the defense for the Blue Jays failed again, when 1st baseman Justin Kyle Smoak made a fielding error from Mike Trout, making it 2 on and nobody out at the time, instead of grounding into double play and two outs. Pujols tried to extend the lead, but failed at his at bat via the line out;

however, he lined to right fielder José Antonio Bautista Santos, allowing Calhoun to third. Then, it was Jefry Leonal Marté Paulino’s turn to try to extend the 2-0 lead, and he did via the groundout to 2nd baseman Travis, which allowed Calhoun to score and Trout to second with 2 outs. It was then Simmons to make sure that Trout comes home, and he does so via a single in center field. Oh, I almost forgot: Trout stole 3rd for his 26th stolen base of the season before the hit. Angels doubled their lead 4-0.

After the singing of “God Bless America” and “Take Me Out To A Ball Game”, the Angels went back on the hunt to extend their lead, but Gregorio Jesus Petit and Robinson both pop out and line out respectively. Then, it was Escobar’s turn to get it going, and he… kinda did, thanks to Donaldson’s throwing error at 3rd.

Calhoun then drives in a run via his 26th double of the season. Trout grounds the ball to center field for another base hit, scoring Calhoun for the Angels’ sixth run, more than enough to end the losing streak. Now, the Angels are looking for a “sister kisser”, which is splitting this series. Expected starters will be Marcus Earl Stroman [#6, w/ an ERA of 1.98] of the Blue Jays and Alex John Meyer [#40, w/ an ERA of 5.79] of the Angels.


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