A Numbers Game for the Angels against the Athletics

Updated: April 24, 2017

This Tuesday the Angels begin a three game series against the second place Oakland Athletics while in the grip of a horrific tailspin losing 10 out the their past 13 games. In those past games, the team is only hitting .210 including 109 strikeouts in 487 plate appearances. That’s a 22% strikeout rate!

But even with this terrible streak staring the Angels in the face, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the Athletics. I know the A’s are in second place in the division and have won five out of six games but the numbers for the Angels in this series look to be in the Angels favor. And yes I know that numbers really mean nothing and everything is decided on the field but when a team is looking as bad as the Angels do right now, any glimmer of hope is appreciated.

So here are four numbers that may help the Angels in their series against the Athletics:


In 14 night games this year, the Angels have been able to compile an OPS of .699 versus .567 in day games. That difference of .132 has so far been good enough for the Angels to get five of their eight wins at home. All three games against the A’s will be played in the cool, night air of Anaheim perhaps giving the Halos enough advantage to win a few games in the series.


In four games against the A’s this season, the Angels have been able to bat a collective .252. It may not sound like a lot but it is their second highest batting average against any other team this year (.343 against Seattle). Those few extra hits may result in a run or two and be the reason for a close victory. A high scoring game may also get some of the Angels off to a slow start (Cameron Maybin, CJ Cron, and Kole Calhoun) moving in the right direction.


In 610 plate appearances against right handed pitchers, the Angels have hit .241. Not terrible since hitting .241 would actually put the Angels about 14th in the majors. But seeing that their batting average against lefties is .226, the Angels should be salivating at the fact that they will be facing two righties in the series. To go along with a better average, the Halos are also hitting home runs at a higher rate against right handed pitchers. In 610 plate appearances versus righties, the Angels have 16 homers (1 per 38.1 PA) compared to 1 homer in 138 plate appearances versus southpaws.


When playing at home, the Angels are considerably better hitters. When at the friendly confines of Anaheim Stadium, the Halos are hitting .272 with a .775 OPS to go along with 12 home runs. Compare that with 5/.208/.560 in the 11 games away from home. Most teams hit better at home but the difference that the Angels perform between home and away is huge and has lead to them going 5-3 at home while struggle to a 3-8 record on the road.

In the upcoming series against the Athletics, the number look to line up for the Angels but as we all know, numbers mean nothing once the players take the field. Hopefully for the Angels’ sake, they will use these numbers to their advantage and start moving back into the AL West race.


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