One if by land, two if by trade?

Updated: July 18, 2015

It seems every family, save my own, has some sort of “Christmas in July” celebration, because taking over Thanksgiving just wasn’t enough. So to my knowledge, the sweaters are drug out from the attics and the wish-lists begin with their first drafts. ‘The Show’ is no different. With the 2015 trade deadline fast approaching, organizations are hoping to fulfill the wishes of their teams fanbases, by acquiring top talent from the isle of misfit teams, or as I would like to call that isle; The Philadelphia Phillies.

Sure, every Halo fan has gone to bed with the thought of waking up to see a player the likes of Justin Upton joining the actual Angels in the outfield, including one Mike Trout. There is no denying, Upton would be a perfect fit for the Halos. A proven commodity, Upton could provide exactly what the Halos have been pining for, the right guy at the right time and at the right side of the plate. Unfortunately, this Justin Upton love affair should stay at nothing more than a pipe-dream, and unless a brick falls on A.J. Prellers head and he decides to just give-away his hottest trade piece, the asking price will be way too steep for an already famished Angels farm system.

But this is not to say that the Angels are in for a Grinch in July. There are plenty of extra bats to go around that aren’t going to cost the Halos a proverbial arm and leg. This brings us back to that misfit isle, the Phillies, and a player the Halos have already had their eye on. In a report earlier this month it seemed that a deal was all but done to send Ben Revere westward, and although the original deal fell through, it is most certainly worth a second look. Sure, he’s not the sexy Justin Upton, but like Upton, Revere has the hallmarks the Halos have on their wish-list. Revere, a lefty, is currently batting .297 on what could be equated to a AAA baseball team. (In case you were wondering Upton is batting .257 with around an equal amount of plate appearances to Revere) While Ruin Tomorrow Jr. debates on Cole Hamels true trade value, a player the likes of Revere should not be too difficult to pry away. The earlier deal, which included Trevor Gott, gave the Angels an incite as to what the Phils were asking.  A decent prospect, sure, but no one close to the likes of Sean Newcomb, who for all intents and purposes is the only true top Halo prospect. Instead, putting together a package of Joe Gatto and perhaps a PTBNL could all but get this deal accomplished. Even if the Angels were open to renegotiating the deal with Gott as the centerpiece, I believe these are the types of prospects the Angels should be open to dealing.

It’s a tough time for GMs in baseball. With the addition of the extra wild card spot, teams are now more on the fence between buying/selling. In fact, Im fairly certain that every team in the American League is still mathematically alive for the playoffs. Now there’s no doubt the Angels are contenders to win the AL-West, in fact its really only a two team race. There is also no doubt that the George Springer injury will certainly cause a hiccup in the Houston Astros already impressive 2015 season. I also don’t doubt that they (Astros) will be in the market for a big name, potentially even Hamels or another bat. So let the Astros make their moves with their absolutely loaded farm system, thats nothing the Halos can control. With the looming return of Jered Weaver, the Halos have a strong pitching staff to be heading down the stretch into October, and there’s no need to deplete an already non-existent farm system. Revere will look good with that Halo on his hat, and I don’t know about you, but I’ll take that .297 average over Matt Joyce and his completely underwhelming .190

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Jeff Henning (@wtjefff)

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