Pitchers Trying New Methods to Ward off Injuries

Updated: March 18, 2017

The last couple years have not been too kind to the Angels with respect to health. As a result of this epidemic of sorts, the ball club has been conjuring up new methodologies in an effort to steer clear of the injury bug as much as possible.

Pedro Moura of The Los Angeles Times recently discovered the news and noted that after Alex Meyer exited the game yesterday, he tried out something a little different. Moura imparted that “[Meyer] completed the new, 20- to 25-minute recommended routine the Angels have given to all their starting pitchers this spring.” The right-handed pitcher shared his opinions on the routine after the game subsided.

“‘It’s different, that’s for sure,’ Meyer said. ‘With the new training staff here, we’re trying to make some adjustments, and not repeat what’s happened for a few years, in regards to an injury standpoint. It’s different.’”

Mike Scioscia also chipped in on the matter. When he was asked about it, Scioscia credited new strength and conditioning coach Lee Fiocchi for the modifications. The Halos’ head honcho also steadfastly asserted that the new system is not in place due to Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney. On the contrary, it is being implemented to accordingly ensure the overall sustenance of the team in general.

Meyer does not seem to have an issue with the new game plan set out for him. The game plan encompasses exercises such as stretching, strength conditioning, and an increased concentrated on the upkeep of the pitching arm over the course of time.

The potential fifth starter in rotation added that the workout is not too ridiculous in scope. He understands the purpose of its incorporation and appears to be all in with whatever the training staff recommends.

“‘I needed to do something more proactive in regards to avoiding stuff.’”

While injuries cannot always be avoided, alas, it is imperative that the Angels’ staff does everything in their power to lessen the risk of anything dramatic in 2017. A lot of the team’s success rides on the maintenance of everyone. There is probably no other group in the entire league that faces this increment of pressure as much as the Angels do. Thus, it makes sense that taking action becomes de rigueur in the clubhouse. Anything at all should help oust the pesky bug that has been recently plaguing the organization for some odd reason.

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