Please Angels, For The Love of God, Don’t Sign Tim Tebow

Updated: August 12, 2016

It all started with a Bleacher Report picture, with former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who was forced out of the league by a 35-year-old quarterback who just had neck surgery and another quarterback whose name is synonymous with the phrase “butt fumble”, in a Angels jersey.

It was then that rumors swirled that the Angels were interested in Tebow over a decade ago, and then Angels fans across the world all came to the same conclusion, Tim Tebow should play left field in Anaheim.

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I’m here to set the record straight. I understand, people are upset about the Angels’ poor play, and even more about the lack of options at left field, but this is no time to joke around; Tim Tebow would be a horrible baseball player.

I know it hurts, but it’s the truth. I mean, look at his one “fatal flaw” in his NFL career: HE CAN’T THROW. If we are not going to have a player who can actually play left field, we might as well just put Albert Pujols out there. Do you really think that he can hit a Aroldis Chapman fastball or a Kershaw curveball. Of course not, it be a disaster!

Honestly, you thought the TIm Lincecum debacle was bad, it would be so much worse. I can already see it, Tim Tebow would be “Tebowing” after anything. Catches the ball, Tebowing; hits a little ground ball through the infield, Tebowing; even if he just made contact with the ball he would go call time and go down with on knee, and you think baseball is slow now.

Honestly, if you want to watch the world burn Angel fans, why don’t we just sign Alex Rodriguez, he’d sell jerseys, or how about Draymond Green, at least we know he knows how to hit a ball. Just please, please, please Angels: don’t sign Tim Tebow.

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