Pujols Looks Like His Old Self

Updated: March 16, 2017

In the earlier vestiges of Spring Training, many seriously wondered whether Albert Pujols would even be available for Opening Day. However, he has performed well thus far in his few appearances and appears to be more and more ready for the real action every time he steps up to the plate. He has not played at all in the field yet. In spite of that, his bat is what is truly needed at this point in his career. What he can do in the batter’s box is all that really matters at the end of the day.

In his 14 at-bats up to this point, he has gotten five hits which have thereby led to a total of four RBIs. A pair of those RBIs came in today’s contest via a couple singles. Perhaps the biggest hit came earlier in the week when he cranked his first home run against the Dodgers. This is a good sign to behold for the reason that it suggests that the 37-year-old ball player must be feeling pretty solid health wise. Players in general generate most of their power from the lower region of the body, which is precisely where Pujols’ offseason surgery took place.

While today marks only the fifth game the slugger has participated in spring, his productivity is evident. This productivity is crucial because as the Angels approach the regular season, they will require more than the virtually guaranteed aid of Mike Trout and their other outfielder on the rise, Kole Calhoun. Thankfully, little signs like that one dinger on Monday and the help he provided today give some extent of hope. His presence in the heart of the lineup is as pivotal to the organization as Bugs Bunny is to a Looney Tunes feature. In other words, Albert not being there leaves quite a glaring dent.

Pujols will still never be the guy he was in the National League, but what he is doing after all these years in baseball is simply fascinating. A lot of people predicted that his offseason surgery would be detrimental. Albert is having none of it, though, and he is certainly proving the naysayers wrong. The games right now may not be the best set to examine given their lack of real meaning, yet the subtle glimpses of what could be in 2017 are reassuring.

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