Pujols To Make Highly Anticipated Spring Debut

Updated: March 10, 2017

Even though Tyler Skaggs will not be making his originally scheduled start today for precautionary reasons, a certain someone sometimes coined as The Machine will be available for the first time in 2017. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, Albert Pujols is back for some actual, real action. Finally!

He may not be a Lou Brock-esque, Roadrunner-like speedster on the bases for the sake of being candid (although, strangely enough, the stats may actually showcase the opposite insofar as his cleverness is concerned), but the Angels will finally have a formidable bat back in the lineup. Even if he only gets a couple at-bats today before he is pulled around maybe the fifth or sixth stanza, it is an extremely positive step in the right direction for the right-handed slugger.

According to a CBSSports.com post, Albert will be batting third in the order as the designated hitter. Seems about right on the whole, eh?

He may not necessarily be annihilating titanic moonshots from the get-go (although time will only tell). In spite of that possibility, to simply see Pujols back in general is exciting. The robust, but ever so methodical approach he implements into his craft will be wonderful to soak in again. In fact, considering the considerable youth on the spring ball club, seeing a seasoned veteran at work could do some good for them more likely than not.

Regardless of whether it is a shortened outing for Albert, here’s to hoping that his Spring Training debut is a smooth, graceful one. Welcome back number 5!

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