Rainy Days and Mondays’ Always Get Me Down

Updated: September 20, 2016

 Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Though the game lasted exactly 3 hours, the American League Western Division leaders, the Texas Rangers, who are walking off Monday night as victors against our beloved Angels, ending their chance of extending their mini 2-game winning streak. Both Jhoulys Jose Chacín Molina of the Angels and Martín Pérez Jiménez pitched brilliantly:

Chacín went 5 innings, allowing 1 earned run on 6 hits, including a home run, while striking out 3 and surrendering just 1 base on ball; he was not in decision of the outcome.

As for the Rangers, Pérez went 7 innings, striking out 2, while giving up 2 earned runs on 4 hits; he was also not in decision of the outcome. For a short time, however, the Angels were winning 2-1, entering the home half of the 7th inning, and would have been hooked with a loss, but Elvis Augusto Andrus Torres saves the day for the Rangers with a solo home run — his sixth of the season — via a line drive to center field.

Other notable offensive stories include:
– Nomar Shamir Mazara Jiminian’s nineteenth homer when the ball flew over the center field wall in the home half of the fifth inning for the Rangers to take first blood.
– In the top of the sixth inning, Yunel Escobar Almenares was up at-bat, following Shane Robinson’s at-bat who grounded out to shortstop Andrus.

– And then a bizarre play came, when Escobar hits it in the right-center field. The ball was rolling and it gets wedged between the dirt and the pad. Ian M. Desmond picks up the ball, which made Escobar hesitated for just a second, then tries to hustle to third only to be a dead duck via a throw from Desmond. The Angels challenged the call, saying that it should have been a ground-rule double, and the umpires overturn the out, which sends Escobar back to 2nd base. That made the Rangers’ Manager Jeffrey Todd Banister hopping mad, which gave the 2nd base umpire Joesph Henry West an easy call: an ejection.

– Then, it was Michael Nelson Trout’s turn at-bat, when he hits a sharp grounder to right fielder Mazara. Trout then hustles to third base for his fifth triple of the season; Escobar scores, which gives Trout his 91st runs batted in. To those who are Trout fans, he now has 37 career triples and 488 runs batted in.

– Fast forward to the home half of the ninth inning, where Andrus singles on a ground ball to left fielder Rafael Ángel Ortega García. Carlos Argelis Gómez Peña bunts to advance Andrus to second… because sometimes, sacrifices have to be made; José Ricardo Álvarez, who would eventually became the loser of this game, fielded to first for what turned out to be the final out, even though it was 1 out. Desmond came at-bat, where he was down in the count 1-2.

Then, he got the ball on contact, where he hits a single via a line drive to right fielder Shane Robinson. Robinson tried to get Andrus, who hustle past third in trying to go to the home plate, only that he throw was in vain. Andrus slides in the winning run, and that’s the ball game. Angels 2 – Rangers 3; their magic number to clinch the American League Western Division for their second consecutive year is 3.

FOOTNOTE: The Rangers’ 89th win is one ahead of the entire wins from last season; the Angels dropped to 65-85, and have not had a season of 90 losses or more since 1999. To avoid their first 90-loss season in 17 seasons, the Angels need to go 8-4 in their final 12 games to conclude the 2016 season.

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