Report: Albert Pujols Cousin Sues The MVP for $27 MILLION

Updated: August 14, 2016

The National League MVP and now Angel superstar Albert Pujols is under a lot of heat from his own cousin. Reported first by TMZ Sport Albert Pujols is being sued by his own cousin — who claims the L.A. Angels slugger ruined his life and aspiring baseball career by wrongly labeling him as a murderer.

The man behind the lawsuit is Wilfrido Juan Pujols — Albert’s cousin — who was the passenger in a 2007 police chase in Missouri in which his car struck and killed a man.

Wilfrido’s older brother was behind the wheel that day — and was charged with multiple felonies including 2nd degree felony murder. Wilfrido was NOT charged with a crime. In fact, he claims he was trying to STOP his brother, who was messed up on drugs and booze.

The mother of the victim wrote a message to Albert’s foundation in 2014 — accusing the MLB star and his wife of financially aiding the brothers who she claimed “murdered” her son. Pretty extreme if you ask me….

Deidre, Albert Pujols wife came to the rescue and defended those who were actually killed in the crash saying “These two young men have ruined many lives”

The former baseball player Wilfredo says the statement from Deidre ruined his reputation especially in the baseball community.

Now, he wants the Pujols to shell out more than $27 MILLION to make things right … don’t hold your breath.

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