Scioscia Attributes Longevity to Those around Him

Updated: March 15, 2017

Mike Scioscia was officially hired as the Angels’ skipper when the 1900s drew to a close. Since that block of time, Scioscia has been the lone ranger on the team insofar as constants are concerned. This officially became true when Jered Weaver signed with the Padres in February. He is also the lone ranger in another respect as well.

To shed light on that area, the former catcher continues his reign as the longest tenured manager in the majors headed into 2017. A lot of it makes sense given the overall track record he has established. He helped lead the Halos to their first and only world championship in 2002. Since then, the team has also managed to earn multiple division titles. writer Doug Collins recently unveiled Scioscia’s thoughts when it came to his longevity on the throne.

“‘We’ve had good players,’ Scioscia said. ‘You have good players, and obviously, a manager or coaching staff, you get a long opportunity if you continue to move in the right direction. And I think it starts with ownership. Those guys have supported us very well, and given us the talent. You want to keep growing and getting better.’”

Such points are important to hear for they demonstrate that it typically takes the help of others to be successful, especially in a profession along these parameters. Baseball is no different than a lot of other sports with it being a game centered on the team at large. Therefore, knowing that Scioscia understands this concept is probably also why the trust in him remains firm.

Granted Scioscia is thankful he is still coaching the ball club, his aspirations have not wavered in the slightest bit. He is not satisfied by what occurred in the early 2000s notwithstanding its importance to the city of Anaheim and its fans.

“‘Our goal is very clear, and … we’re as motivated now as we’ve ever been,’ Scioscia said. ‘And our expectations are as high as they’ve ever been to continue to work toward that goal, and nothing has dampened in my love or passion for this game.’”

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