Should the Angels Move Tyler Skaggs to the Bullpen?

Updated: March 21, 2017

Has left-handed Tyler Skaggs done enough to earn himself a spot in the Angels rotation? He pitched in just ten games last season, and has failed to reach over 18 starts in a single season during his Major League career. It could be time for Halos to turn Skaggs from starter into relief pitcher.

During his four-year Major League career, Skaggs is 11-15 4.60 ERA in 41 starts. He’s averaged roughly ten starts a season, and could be headed in the wrong direction. Skaggs spent most of last season on the disabled list, and looks for a return in 2017.

He’s pitched in just two games this season, and has less than three innings recorded in camp. It’s hard to imagine Skaggs being ready for the Opening Day rotation. The 25-year-old has potential, but injuries and lack of success have hindered the Halos from seeing Skaggs’ true potential.

The Angels would love 30 starts from Skaggs to see if he’s truly a N0. 2 starter like the Angels have him projected right now. Over the course of his four Major League seasons, Skaggs has only gone over the 100 innings mark in a season once.

It’s hard to expect Skaggs to be able to go out and give the Angels 25-30 starts in 2017. Skaggs is arbitration eligible after the 2017 season, and it could be time for the organization to find another role for him to pursue. A left-handed option out of the bullpen could be suitable for Skaggs.

It would mean less fatigue on his arm which could lead to less injuries. He would be asked to throw less time on the mound which could make him more effective. The Angels have been patiently waiting for Skaggs to emerge, but it’s time for the team to seek another solution.

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