Should the Halos Consider Giving Weaver Another Chance?

Updated: February 13, 2017

Heading into the offseason, question marks were omnipresent when it came to Jered Weaver. They were understandable on account of the fact that his stat line has spiraled downward in recent memory. For example, in 2015 the former ace of the Halos’ staff notched a 4.64 ERA. However, last season said statistic only worsened with him amassing a 5.06 ERA clip.

Even though numbers along those lines are not the most attractive to the naked eye per se, one cannot help but to wonder whether the Long Beach product deserves one last opportunity. It is not to suggest that signing him for another five years is within reason. However, a team friendly deal seems to be on the fair side of the spectrum, especially when the loyalty aspect is examined.

In the later portion of the 2011 campaign, Weaver signed a five-year contract worth $85 million. What is rather interesting to think about, though, is that there is the possibility at that point in time that other teams may have been willing to offer him significantly higher pay in the offseason. Given that he was undoubtedly one of the game’s absolute best with respect to his strikeout ratio, such a posture is not far-fetched.

Nevertheless, he opted to stay in Anaheim in the grand scheme of it all when he easily could have bounced elsewhere. In view of his agent being Scott Boras, too, Boras’ track record speaks for itself when this aforementioned bouncing element is considered. It is, in a way, as if the tall, slender pitcher is an antithesis of his agent.

Even though Josh Hamilton’s bloated contract is still on the books for the 2017 season, it is not like the team’s resources were rail thin headed into the offseason. Frankly, while it is difficult to gauge Weaver’s true market value, the reported offer he got from San Diego is a little insulting (by baseball standards, anyway). The Angels could have easily at least matched, so it accordingly makes little sense that this action has not transpired.

Perhaps for the sake of argument, the crafty right-hander was never truly destined to be linked with the starting five in 2017 and beyond. Due to the various options that exist outside of arms such as Garrett Richards, Matt Shoemaker, and Tyler Skaggs, it logically becomes a bit harder to see Weaver having that type of role. It is plausible to envision him in the bullpen, though, to possibly serve as a long reliever or maybe even a set-up man to Huston Street or Andrew Bailey.

Thus, even if Weaver’s role was not entirely the same, it is not to say that his value is suddenly down to zero. What is more is that his value extends into the intangibles realm. In being a seasoned veteran, he is a clubhouse presence that knows what it takes to win. His tenacious, tough-minded spirit, too, would certainly be useful for a group that did not have great success on the diamond last year. Factors like that are never ones that should be taken mildly.

Baseball is a business like any other. Sooner or later, too, fans far and wide would have eventually had to accept this not so ideal reality. In spite of that, the timing does not seem to be on par unless things dramatically change in the not too distant future. If anything, Weaver deserves to at least exit on a right note. Hopefully, if he is not on a MLB roster in 2017, the Angels honor him or the like at some interval to serve as a thank you.

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