Simba Ready to Pounce Back Into Action after WBC

Updated: March 22, 2017

Defensive specialist Andrelton Simmons came back to camp on Wednesday after his team got ousted from competing in the final of the World Baseball Classic.

Although the Dutch squad’s elimination was not desirable by any stretch of the imagination, the Angels’ shortstop greatly valued the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being connected with the WBC. It is an experience he will forever cherish being a part of.

Maria Guardado recently shed light on Simmons’ reflections of the tournament.

“‘It was fun,’ Simmons said. ‘I feel like we had a better team than I thought we had. At the end, even though we messed up a couple plays that would have changed the game, we had it in our hands. It hurts that we could have won it in our eyes, but we also threw it away by not doing certain stuff. But it was fun. Good experience.’”

Simmons was one of the Netherlands’ strongest batters during the WBC. He put together a .344 average over a seven game stretch and insinuated that he now feels more mentally locked in than normal. He said that this is so for the reason that he and others had something important to shoot for. There was a goal being aspired for, which surely contrasts Spring Training contests. He even included that “‘Spring Training is cool and all, but the Classic is way intense. And it’s fun to represent your country.’”

In limited action this spring, Simmons never got a hit prior to trotting around the planet with the Netherlands. Hopefully his robust performance in the WBC will transfer over to the last set of games in spring training and beyond. He will be needed for more than that Gold Glove-esque defense he is known to provide day in and day out.

Last year Simba managed hit a respectable .281. However, he only drove in 44 runs. For the Halos’ sake, putting those words into action insofar as being more mentally sharp at the dish will be absolutely necessary. The Angels must have a two-dimensional Simmons to have a better shot at making it to October baseball. Let’s see if the little lion can appropriately bounce back into the swing of things following his fine WBC output.

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