Statcast: Maldonado’s Arm is Scary Good; Kole being Kole

Updated: April 5, 2017

Last night, we saw the Angels take home their first victory of the year thanks to a go-ahead 3-run home run by new second baseman Danny Espinosa. We also saw the focus of Billy Eppler’s offseason come into play for the first time: defense. And boy, will these Halos be fun to watch.

Martin Maldonado came to Anaheim in the Jett Bandy trade and showed exactly why he was acquired. Early in the game, last season’s AL stolen base leader Rajai Davis tested Maldonado’s arm for the first time this season. The result was not pretty for Rajai:

According to Statcast, Maldonado had a pop time of 1.88 seconds and throw clocked at 87.2 MPH. For reference, his throw was about 3 MPH faster than Jered Weaver’s average fastball velocity last season. Coming from a catcher, only Yadier Molina consistently throws a ball that hard and that accurate.

Later in the game, Kole Calhoun flashed his golden glove with this catch to rob Jed Lowrie of extra bases:

The Statcast numbers are crazy for this play as well. Calhoun covered 57 feet to track down a ball that is usually caught just 65% of the time. Calhoun has been flashing the leather early this season and if he keeps it up, he’s a shoo-in for the Gold Glove in right once again.

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