Street To Be More Cautious In His Return

Updated: March 22, 2017

Huston Street visited the team doctor, Steve Yoon, on Monday to therefore determine where he stands regarding the lat strain he experienced earlier in Spring Training.

According to what Pedro Moura of The Los Angeles Times recently reported, an ultrasound uncovered that there is a minor abnormality in Street’s latissimus dorsi. While there is a bit of an abnormality, the Angels’ reliever indicated that the overall timeline is more or less in tune with the original game plan established earlier in March.

It is good to bear in mind that Street is getting closer to coming back to the team. Around the time he got hurt, it was presumed that it would take around 3-4 weeks until he could start throwing the ball again. He is in no rush of any caliber to get back to it, though. Last year he made the critical mistake of coming back too soon from an oblique strain. The results were not the prettiest to get a load of. It is commendable that he desired to come to the rescue at said point, yet the dividends that came out of it were simply not always the greatest.

“‘This is not going to be one of those where I’m going out there rolling the dice,’ Street said. ‘I’m gonna make sure that when I come back I have the best chance of performing well. There really isn’t a way to rush this one. You have to build up innings. You have to have that spring training.’”

Given his recent injury history, it is important take he takes his time in this case. The absolute last thing he needs is to try to prove himself too soon to only potentially rekindle the injury. It is safe on his part not even just because of the previously referenced track record. Huston is getting no younger on the one hand, so he just does not have the same capabilities he once did. On the other hand, he is not the cheapest bullpen option amongst the other options that are available. Thus, Huston in a way will need to regain the trust of the team’s brass when he returns to better determine his future in general with the club.

This is fair because the closer role was not necessarily in his hands to begin with headed into this year due to the competition involved. It is precisely why he wants to be in the best possible physical condition before he legitimately steps on the mound again. He yearns to earn his keep and grasps that nothing should be haphazardly handed to him (even supposing that he is easily the organization’s most experienced bullpen arm). The only way that he can really help the Halos at this point in his tenure is if he is at his strongest rather than at a mediocre level.

“‘I’m gonna come back healthy, and ready to pitch exactly how they need me, full-speed,’ Street said. ‘That’s what I’m going to do.’”

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