Stupid fan thinks Kole Calhoun should be fired after missing games for birth of child

Updated: September 22, 2016

Sometimes people can be stupid, but this one individual may have created a whole new definition for stupid after her comments about Kole Calhoun the past couple of days.

Calhoun has not been in the lineup for the past couple of games due to being with his wife as she gives birth to their very first child. Everybody is waiting for photos and even want Calhoun to spend even more time with the baby, but this one “Fan” wants Calhoun fired.

Please Welcome Jennifer Lynn, who thinks taking a couple of personal days to witness the birth of a child is less important than playing baseball.

Oh but it gets better.

Maybe she’s drunk…

Ok I’m running out of excuses

She’s probably a great person to argue who should be the next president too. Hope you enjoyed the laugh as much as I did.

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