The Angels have turned their back on Josh Hamilton

Updated: April 14, 2015


April 14th 2015


ANAHEIM – The Los Angeles Angels have one of the greatest fan bases in the world. They also have an amazing staff at angel stadium and of course the wonderful teammates who put on a show at the Big A. Mike Trout noted that playing and hearing the fans at Angel Stadium reminds him of the stadium being one big family gathering. So how is Josh Hamilton feeling as he see’s his teammates and friends play at the stadium he still loves today? Angel Stadium and the Angels are one big family, yet is Josh Hamilton in this Halo Family? It does not seem like it at all. First, he has no locker in the clubhouse. For two years his locker was in the far corner of the clubhouse and now is replaced by the new assigned second basemen Johnny Giavotella. When news broke out that Hamilton did not violate Major League Baseball drug programs, the Angels scrubbed and removed all Hamilton related gear and material. The Club house showed as if Hamilton was never an Angel in the first place. This very same scenario actually happened with another player.

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankee’s went through the same exact feelings. Major League Baseball did however suspended Alex Rodriguez, yet the Yankees treated A-Rod in a whole opposite fashion then the Angels with Hamilton. Rodriguez had a locker at Yankee Stadium. His locker was never replaced or taken out, it was empty and unoccupied waiting for him to come back. When we returned to the new baseball season this year, he went to the same locker he had before. But for Josh Hamilton everything was replaced, gone within days.

Many reporters asked on opening day at Angel Stadium if Josh Hamilton will ever play for the Angels again. Owner Arte Moreno, who a couple years back recruited Hamilton responded, “I will not say that”

Angels Manager Mike Scioscia told media reports that he hopes to meet with Hamilton as the Angels are in Houston for the next six days facing the Rangers and Astros. Teammates are also hoping to meet with Hamilton as C.J Wilson voiced his opinion on the scenario saying “Arte and the Angels are making a mistake”

Who can remember his first home-run as an Angel? I do.

What will the Angels do with Josh Hamilton?

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