The Astros were so close from making the playoffs, Sorry About That

Updated: September 24, 2016

The Angels Really Pulled a Miracle: The Angels entered the game with a 4-76 record when trailing after eight innings. (By comparison, they were 60-3 when leading after eight.) The Angels blew a 3-1 lead, thanks to some sloppy defense by Yunel Escobar and a pass ball from Carlos Pérez via Deolis Alexander Guerra’s, stri, who was supposed to relieve Alex John Meyer loaded the Astros up; a likely appearance he would love to forget.

However, somehow, someway, they beat the odds — and the Astros — with their six-run ninth. After losing 11 straight games, the Angels won their last two against the Astros and are now having a 3-game winning streak; improving to 68-86, while the Astros’ chances of a wild card spot is diminishing via dropping to 81-73.

Starting Pitchers Did Their Work; Some Relievers Didn’t, but One Blew the Game Wide Open: Meyer started for the Angels, went 5.1 innings, officially gave 4 earned runs [via bad defense on throwing and passing behind the plate] on 4 hits, gave three Astro batters a free pass, striking out 4; he was not in the decision of the outcome. Speaking of Guerra, he failed to record a single out while allowing 3 hits and surrendered two more earned runs.

The win belong to Cody Paul Ege, when he only went .2 innings with nothing across, including hits and runs; he gets his first Major League victory.
Meanwhile Douglas Wildes Fister of the Astros only went 5 innings, allowing 5 hits, gave up 2 earned runs, gave Mike Trout a free pass, and striking out 3; he was on the hook with the loss, but the Astros put up a five spot in the home half of the sixth, so he was not the factor in the decision.

Lucas John Gregerson earned his 15th hold, as he went 1 inning and allowing 1 earned run, strike out 2, and surrendering 2 hits and 1 run. But the night belong to Kenneth Robert Giles… CORRECTION, the night that Giles would love to forget, as he only went .1 inning, allowing and surrendering 3 batters to reach a base on balls, 3 hits, and 6 earned runs; he also blown his fifth game and was the loser of the outcome {Giles, 2-5}.

#ClutchCity Became Clutch Flop: The Angels were entering the ninth inning, down by two, as Giles replaced Gregerson to get his 14th save in 18 opportunity. Needless to say, the Angels messed Houston big time:

Cliff Randolph Pennington singles to right field; he went 1 for 5 in the game.

Yunel Almenares Escobar was down 1-2 before he sees a pitch and swung… for the fences. A line drive to left field helped the Angels to be nodded at 6 runs apiece; his fifth home run of the season and he went  1 for 4 with 2 ribbies and scored a run.
Newly-dad Kole Calhoun strikes out and was the only batter that Giles was successfully able to; he went 1 for 5.

Michael Nelson Trout was next, and he was on base five times in this game, including two walks; he walked in his final at-bat of the game on four straight pitches.

King Albert stepped up to the plate. After Giles threw a strike, Trout successfully stole second base. Then, in the Astros dugout, they have decided to intentionally walk Pujols. He scored three runs and went 3 for 4 and had another productive inning.

Christopher John Cron went 3 for 5 on Friday night, including a hit that would send Trout home from second. If you’re wondering, he had two more ribbies to tally.

Simmons came up, but during his at-bat, Giles threw a wild pitch sends Pujols and Cron to 3rd and 2nd place — that’s not good, considering that my dad’s journey is a bit more hectic, knowing that he has blown a save and is now losing. Simmons walked to first base, and that was the final straw for Giles. Juan Graterol replaced the struggling Giles. Nick Buss– well, he struck out, but Juan Graterol comes in to stop the bleeding; Ortega had otherwise, and had another hit to bring three Angels at home; he was 1 for 1 today as a pitch hitter.

Meanwhile, as the Astros lose to the Angels, the Rangers also captured their second consecutive Division title via a loss from Hectic; needless to say that the Astros are struggling big time.





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