The Comeback Of Josh Hamilton

Updated: April 23, 2015


April 21th 2015


ANAHEIM – The Los Angeles Angels have seem to map out a comeback return for Josh Hamilton, who has been under fire for his relapse. The troubled outfielder could rejoin the team as soon as early June.

Under the new plan, Hamilton would report to the Angels’ Arizona training camp complex for two to three weeks to work with the team’s extended spring program. After training in Arizona, Hamilton would then proceed to a minor league rehabilitation assignment and could join the Angels soon as possible depending on performance. Hamilton is expected to report to Arizona sooner rather than later according to a close friend of Hamilton. The new plan does not guarantee that Hamilton will play again for the Angels, but it does buy the Angels time to open up more options for the club. Arte Moreno has told the public that the Angels will not welcome Hamilton back with open arms, but lets see if Hamilton gets his life together and could potentially help the team out come June. Moreno has yet to comment on this new plan, and declined if he will ever want Hamilton back on the Angels.

Hamilton reported a substance-abuse relapse in February, and major league baseball ruled Hamilton had not violated any drug treatment program and was not suspended. The Angels due owe Hamilton $83 million dollars through 2017. There are no active settlements discussions between Hamilton and the team that could send him back home with the $83 million paid for.

Matt Joyce has been the main replacement for Hamilton and has not showed the Angels he can take over Hamilton’s spot. C.J. Cron is also in a hitting slump as he is batting a .165 in the DH Spot, a spot that could be filled by Hamilton come June. Mike Trout was also one of the players that went and visited Hamilton in Texas when the Angels were on their road trip.


“Obviously, he’s a threat with his bat” Mike Trout said “He’s helped us over the last couple of years, and we saw what he did in Texas” “He’s part of the team. I’m sure, when he’s fully healthy, we’ll see him back”

As it stands right now, the players seem to be pulling for Hamilton to come back as Trout, Wilson, Calhoun, Weaver and Scioscia all went to see him the past week. Hamilton could be a help to the Angels offense once healthy. More News to come about Josh Hamilton heading to Arizona.

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