The Machine Is Making Strides

Updated: February 20, 2017

Albert Pujols may not be feeling thoroughly marvelous health wise, but his overall recovery rate seems to be going quicker than expected. The 10-time All-Star is presently perking up through the hard work that has transpired thus far in Spring Training.

Jeff Fletcher of The Orange County Register notes the confidence Albert has with respect to the questions surrounding his health.

“‘It’s been really good,’ said Pujols, who reported Tuesday with the pitchers and catchers to Angels’ camp. ‘No soreness at all afterwards. That’s a good sign. I got to start hitting in the cage and moving around and doing agility.’”

To know Albert is doing better that some may have thought at this point in time is revitalizing news. Albeit tasks such as taking swings in a batting cage have the appearance of being fairly mundane for the most part, it is a positive sign as Pujols likewise expresses. further explains the agility portion of Albert’s recuperation process. The slugger has apparently been exercising on an Ultra G treadmill as of late. Reports suggest that this specific type of treadmill is designed to curtail any stress on the lower half of the body. While this is encouraging, the 3-time NL MVP will not be ready to play in the Halos’ Spring Training opener on Saturday, Feb. 25.

Even though this is true, Pujols’ mindset indicates that there is no need to fret about his status. He believes that every bit as much progress can ensue through practice in lieu of jumping right back into live action.

To elaborate on this, Greg Beacham of The News & Observer imparts that the Angels’ probable cleanup hitter “isn’t worried about playing in many spring training games, saying he gets his important work done in the batting cage.”

With that being said, it is essential for fans to be patient disposition wise. A guy like Pujols has been through this routine a plethora of times. He is a seasoned veteran on the verge of launching into a 17th season, an altitudinous mark not many reach. Thus, his methodologies are not worth questioning all too much. He understands his body’s tendencies and will do what he feels is necessary prior to making that gallant leap of faith.

Albert is far too important to the club. Granted he has not necessarily lived up to his 10-year contract, he has been one of team’s most consistent presences during the last half decade. Aside from 2014, he has missed a minimal amount of games. The .300 plus averages may not be there anymore, either, yet the production is still more than commendable.

That is why it is again key for fans to exercise patience. His big bat is way too vital to the ball club. Rushing the well-built man is not the right path to travel down, for whenever he is ready, he is bound to do Albert-like things.

Now, Pujols will plausibly be about as close as possible to a full-time designated hitter in 2017. But what is truly needed is that aforesaid “hitter” element. The team has a couple pieces in C.J. Cron and Luis Valbuena that are slated to handle most of the 1B duties. As Albert is getting older, he may never be quite the same anymore as it is. Enduring playing time on the field initially may not be in the cards.

However, once all the cogs in The Machine are feeling stronger, he will not be an easy out for opposing pitchers by any means. He is still the type of presence that can strike a steady dose of fear into them. That is for sure.

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