The Reigning MVP Will Require Help

Updated: February 28, 2017

Centerfielder Mike Trout is almost ubiquitously recognized as the best ballplayer on the face of the earth. While it is impossible to fudge together an argument that suggests otherwise, what cannot be meddled with is the fact that his team has not performed well in recent memory by any stretch of the imagination.

After they assembled a mighty 98 wins in 2014, that total regressed to 85 the following year and a Lucille Ball-esque, eye-twitching 74 in 2016. Even though the critics may be quick to think that maybe for whatever reason Trout is just not as good as some think he is, that is the furthest thing from true. The truth of the matter is even the greatest of talents need assistance, even if the New Jersey resident’s career WAR through his first five seasons is this per what CBSSports’ Mike Axisa reveals:

  1. Mike Trout – 48.5 WAR
  2. Ty Cobb – 46.7 WAR
  3. Walter Johnson — 44.9 WAR
  4. Mickey Mantle – 40.9 WAR
  5. Alex Rodriguez – 38.0 WAR
  6. Christy Mathewson – 37.6 WAR
  7. Bert Blyleven – 37.4 WAR
  8. Bob Feller – 37.3 WAR
  9. Ken Griffey Jr. – 37.0 WAR
  10. Mel Ott – 36.8 WAR

With that mesmerizing stat out there, it is fair to say that Trout is assembling a resume worthy of forevermore being enshrined in Cooperstown. Axisa delves into this, though, regarding Trout. He exhibits that “The only reasons there is even an AL MVP debate each year are a) the Angels haven’t been very good the last few years, and b) the voters are bored of voting for Mike Trout. That’s pretty much it.”

The bored portion of the debate may initially sound silly to be engrossed in. Said fact aside, the boredom could result from the team aspect. Beyond Trout, there has not always been consistently trustworthy backup. Guys Kole Calhoun and Albert Pujols are the best case scenarios for that to happen, but the latter of two is a bit tougher to pinpoint due to lower body issues. This is relatively scary in itself on account of the lower portion of the body being where higher octane power is generated from.

The one other indisputable pro about the team is their defense. They will, in all probability, save the pitching staff from heartache on some occasions this season. Even so, the unknown factor relative to their starting pitching in particular causes goosebumps to well up. Trout can indeed be his normal self in 2017, but if their pitching hinges more so on the mediocre side as the season goes on, the odds of the Angels being in the postseason will plausibly be low.

Bearing all of this and more in mind, the other Halos will need to support the two-time AL MVP this year. We all know that Trout will put his usual array of astronomical numbers. Alas, even he cannot lift the entire burden. Sufficient backup will be needed to make the prospect of October baseball realistic.

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