Tim Salmon Attains Appreciation of Latino Ballplayers

Updated: March 14, 2017

The Big Fish, Tim Salmon, is no longer donning an Angels’ jersey. It does not mean baseball is no longer swimming through his veins. Eleven years removed from his 14th and final MLB campaign, the former right fielder is still connected with the game. For those who may not have already known, he has been a coach at the high school level at a place called Scottsdale Christian Academy.

As a coach, Salmon seems committed to not only making his young men better from a baseball perspective, but as human beings in general. Recently, Salmon and a baseball/softball party from SCA took time away from the earlier vestiges of the baseball season to go on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic.

The part-time Fox Sports commentator originally desired to have the excursion entirely devoted to the missions aspect. However, it was difficult to not soak in the baseball element in the country as well. Salmon talks about this more in a piece written by Richard Obert.

“‘It’s a poor country. There are a lot of needs to be met. But we were blown away by how baseball is in their culture. They’re playing any time of the day. They have practice going on all the time.’”

Thus, it is safe to assume that Salmon and those he brought along were likewise mesmerized. In particular, the former slugger brushed on how much the Latinos’ love for game rubbed off on them all. As a result, Salmon explains how much he now appreciates Latin American ballplayers.

“‘I have a whole new appreciation for every Latin American player I played with or saw, how they came through the ranks,’ he said. ‘When you’re over there and you see some of the villages you see the in, living in that life, you realize how much you have in the states.’”

Coming to such a conclusion is truly enlightening because it does impart an immense amount of perspective on everything. It can therefore be said that while this trip did not go according to plan per se, the outcome of it was still paramount. It taught his ballplayers and others at SCA about the bigger picture and about the significance behind thankfulness. Needless to say, too, it instructed them on the value behind playing the game meaningfully and with purpose.

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