Tim Tebow chances of joining the Angels, “Very Slim”

Updated: September 2, 2016

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson) 

The Angels have not made any interested in Tebow since his tryout date, which is probably best for the team and organization. However, Tebow could be heading to the National League.

And no, Tebow cannot play left field for the Angels. But what about the Atlanta Braves?

According to ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, Tebow and the Braves could be the best big league fit to get a deal done. During a SportsCenter hit yesterday following Tebow’s workout, Gomez had this to say about Tebow possibly joining the Braves:

“In talking to some people around the game, they think the Atlanta Braves might be the best fit. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he played football at Florida, which is SEC country. Georgia is not far from Florida and there is a big following for anything to do with football down there. Let’s face it, it’s a business, so if you can sell Tim Tebow jerseys, you can make some money and, therefore, you can spend that money within your own organization on player development.”

The Chances of Tebow heading to the Angels, very slim according to a scout who represented the team. I’m guessing the Tebow dream of him joining the Halo’s can finally be put to rest.

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