Torii Hunter, Jr. on Roster for Today’s Game.

Updated: March 19, 2017

Every Angel fan will smile when you bring up Torii Hunter‘s name. One of baseball’s most affable players, he was the embodiment of the positive clubhouse presence; a veteran who mentored any player he could. Even Mike Trout credits Hunter for helping his development his first few years in the league. You’d have a hard time finding anyone, either player or fan, who has a negative word to say about the man. That’s even before we get into his contributions on the field; Hunter gave his all and was regularly one of our best players during his five years in Anaheim. Hunter remains a fan favorite to this day, and still means a lot to this franchise.

In the twenty-third round of this past draft, the Angels drafted Torii Hunter, Jr., who was better known up to that point for being a standout wide receiver for Notre Dame. It was a question mark whether Hunter would return to Notre Dame or eventually choose baseball and sign with the Angels, with football being the more likely of the two. In January, however, Hunter announced he would pick up baseball full time and intended to play in the Angels’ farm system in 2017, which is a boon to a farm system that desperately needs all the help it can get.

Hunter may not be an extremely highly-regarded prospect, but he brings many of the same intangibles as his father, and a lot of tangibles the Angels have given great importance to since GM Billy Eppler took over. He brings contact skills and what has been described as, ‘game-changing speed.’ A similar player would be someone like Jarrod Dyson. That kind of player can have tremendous value on a team. Hunter finally joins the Angels today, hoping to make an impact before he is inevitably sent to the minors to continue his development. While he may never be as good as his father, I sure wouldn’t bet against a Hunter.

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