Tropeano Shows a Glimmer of Hope in His TJ Recovery

Updated: March 20, 2017

Last summer, Nick Tropeano discovered news that no major league pitcher (or any pitcher for that matter) ever wants to hear. It is the type of news that always creates a surplus of worry given that careers can be in serious jeopardy as a result of said news. The ballplayer was diagnosed with a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow. Consequently, he opted to undergo Tommy John surgery to patch things up. The injury, needless to say, further slaughtered an organization that was already struggling mightily in the health department.

The Angels’ right-hander went 3-2 last season prior to facing the devastating, season-ending dilemma. In the 13 games he got the opportunity to be in, he managed to get through 68 1/3 innings and tally 68 strikeouts. Additionally, he posted a not so ace-like, but a not so detestable 3.56 ERA.

Tropeano has recently gotten a small break to counteract the above-mentioned information he does not likely prefer to be reminded of. On Saturday, the spot starter realized that team doctors cleared him which would thereby ignite a throwing program. Whew—what a break, indeed! Maria Guardado wrote an article on this recently and was sure to include Tropeano’s thoughts relative to the rehab process.

“‘We were preparing ourselves for this day,’ Tropeano said Sunday. ‘Just to get that check mark, I was ready. I was prepared so that when I did get that check mark, I could just head right out there and start the throwing program. So it was good. It’s reassuring. It’s obviously a good feeling when you wait that long. It’s one of those big steps — one of many — just to get back to where I want to be.’”

Tropeano revealed that he is planning to toss the ball around every other day to get a feel for it again. This step in the process is rumored to be one that will last the next few weeks estimation wise. It is not a gargantuan leap of epic proportions by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. That is not a point that can be refuted. Indubitably, it is still a leap in the right direction for the Halos’ pitcher.

Skipper Mike Scioscia is also glad to see that one of the team’s arms is starting to heal up to some degree. He did not hesitate, though, with respect to saying that Tropeano is in the remedial stages of his recovery. This signals that Nick will, in all likelihood, have no theoretical shot at some real time action anytime in 2017. It makes logical sense due to the scope of what Tropeano went through. Accordingly, rushing him is in no way, shape, or form in his best interest or in the best interest of the team. This not so ideal detail does not curtail the 26-year-old’s spirits, however.

“‘I was looking forward to this day,’ Tropeano said. ‘It’s a good feeling.’”

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