Tyler Skaggs Giving Much-Needed Boost to Halos’ Rotation.

Updated: April 23, 2017

It hasn’t exactly been the start the Angels were hoping for. Especially considering the franchise-best 6-2 start. The Halos have followed that start up by going 4-9, and are currently only a game out of last place in the A.L. West. It’s too early to get wrapped up in records just yet, but the Angels have struggled in ways they could ill afford to. The rotation struggles are the most worrisome, as the starters have failed to go deep into games, give quality innings, or stay healthy. When Garrett Richards went down, it seemed like it could be time to panic. Instead, Tyler Skaggs has stepped up and raised hopes that the Angels may actually have an ace in their staff, with or without Richards.

Skaggs pitched his second straight strong game yesterday in a win against the Toronto Blue Jays, going seven innings and only allowing two runs with four strikeouts. This follows his gem against the Kansas City Royals in a losing effort when he threw seven shutout innings with nine strikeouts. Those kinds of games are exactly what the Angels were hoping to get from Skaggs when they originally drafted him, and then again when they reacquired him. Skaggs has endless potential but has failed to show it consistently at the major league level. He’s mixed flashes of ace-caliber stuff with bouts of ineffectiveness and serious injury, even succumbing to Tommy John surgery in 2014.

With so many question marks in the rotation, Skaggs included, having someone with that kind of potential actually reach it was a must for this team to contend. That’s regardless of what they were able to get from Richards, whose own injury questions and related innings limits were always going to cast a sort of pall over the rotation. If this is the real Skaggs and he can keep it up consistently, the Angels may actually still have a chance to contend this season. If not, then it will be another rough season for the Halos.

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