Tyler Skaggs Set to Return.

Updated: March 15, 2017

Tyler Skaggs is set to return today for the Angels, and it begins an important stretch for Skaggs. Skaggs was scratched from his last start due to shoulder fatigue after failing a stress test following his first start, and the warning signs began going off. Skaggs is an important figure to the Angels this season, they are going to need him to pitch all season and pitch well to help fill out a rotation full of question marks regarding production and health. That’s telling, because those are the same questions that Skaggs is now facing after spending the past three years mostly injured.

Skaggs will now have half of a Spring Training to prove he belongs in the rotation right from Opening Day, something he has yet to do in his career. It’s bad luck for Skaggs that he missed time in arguably the most important Spring of his career. Skaggs will be given every opportunity to be in the rotation, and the odds are that even if he struggles he’ll still end up in the Halo rotation. Skaggs will have to prove he can stay healthy, though, and if he struggles mightily there’s a chance Skaggs could start the season in the minors.

I have my doubts about Skaggs, but the Angels need him to help boost their rotation, both now and in the future. This team does not have very many young assets and desperately need the few that they do to make good on their vast potential and show signs of a positive future for this team while Mike Trout is still under contract and in his prime. Skaggs is one of those assets, and it’s time for him to finally take that step forward and show he’s capable of being a rotation mainstay. Today is the start of an extremely important stretch here, not just for Skaggs’ chances but also for the future of this franchise.

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