VOTE: Help the BakerBoys win Angels Fan of the year award

Updated: September 13, 2016

MLB announced Tuesday they are debuting a Fans of the Year award, presented by Esurance. How does it work?

There are four nominees for each team, carefully selected by MLB’s social media team with input from the individual major-league teams. Our friends ‘The BakerBoys’ are one of the finalist for the Angels, and we need your help making sure they sweep the competition.

Who are the BakerBoys you may ask? Well they are one of the best father and son duo’s who spend most of their time at the Big A. They even travel to watch the Halo’s play. Learn even more about them at their blog BakerBoys & Baseball 


The only way to vote is on Twitter.  Send a tweet with #AngelsFOTY1 to help them share the baseball love!  Re-Tweets and Likes don’t count as votes.  Please spread the word for them and then go out to the ball park and have some fun with your friends and family!

#AngelsFOTY1 #AngelsFOTY1

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