Was It Smart For The Halos To Let Jered Weaver Walk?

Updated: February 18, 2017

After the Halos’ disappointing 2016 campaign, some knew that there was the possibility that Jered Weaver would not be in the clubhouse in 2017. His decline the last several years partially correlates to the doubt some souls incipiently had.

To go one step further with this, CBS Sports’ Mike Axisa reflects on Weaver’s last several seasons. Since 2011, his ERA gradually trickled upward from an impressive 2.41 clip all the way to a 5.06 mark most recently. On top of that, the increment of mozzarella on his fastball has melted during this same span. This subsequently put hitters at an advantage on days when the right-hander was not painting the corners of the plate as well. Thus, to some extent, the move may appear to be logical in the eyes of some.

Regardless of the statistics, though, it is fair to contest that the decision to let number 36 go is disheartening. It is strange to think that Weaver will not be out there every fifth game repping an Angels’ jersey. His name has become so attached to the organization. His resilient, heart of a bull kind of mentality was never in question, too, which are elements that are harder to come by in this day and age.

In addition to this, Mike Trout sheds light on the impact his former teammate had on him. Senior writer/CEO Alex Alarcon shares a quote from the superstar per an article from the OC Register:

“‘It’s going to be tough,’ Trout said. ‘He’s one of those guys you can’t replace… just one of those guys that, great teammate and off the field, you could do anything with him. We could go to dinner, he always treated. He was as professional as it gets.’”

Such a point along these parameters insinuates that Weaver’s impact surely branches far beyond his accomplishments on the mound. Such parcels of information from Trout unveil Weaver’s generosity and desire to establish meaningful relationships with his teammates. Not everyone has that gene infused within them, although Jered certainly appears to counteract that trend big time.

Moreover, the pitcher stayed loyal through thick and thin through all this time. It is once again one of those characteristics that is more challenging to find in this present culture of sports. Let alone MLB, there are just too many examples of professional athletes who leave their teams in order to ergo make their wallets more comfy and the like. Weaver chose Anaheim and never gave into temptation.

There are probably various other stories out there to tell relative to the Angels’ former stud. For the sake of consideration, fellow staff writer Nick Aguilera does just that in his introspective tribute to the golden-haired, 6’7” pitcher. The tidbits he dives into regarding Nick Adenhart in particular are most touching and signify the kind of man Weaver really is deep down beyond that tough, crusty outer shell he is endowed with.

The truth of the matter is this, though. Even though Weaver may not be as talented as he once was, his impact on the franchise is clearly discernible. The Angels should have given him once more chance in Spring Training to earn his stripes as the saying is fabricated. Nothing analogous to that, however, was ever pursued.

At the bare minimum, the team should have been more vocal with him considering the fact that little (if any) significant conversation ever took place regarding his future status with the club. In all seriousness, he deserved better treatment. It does not seem to be the most intelligent move in Angels’ history whatsoever. As silly and gooey as it may sound right off the bat, there is far more to the game than what meets the eye and the aforementioned examples substantiate this claim.

Granted it has surely been evoked by many Angels’ lovers out there today, thank you so much Jered for the indelible dent you left on this franchise. Your presence will not be forgotten any time soon.

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