Weaver to Wear #27 With Padres, Wants to Hit Like Trout

Updated: February 19, 2017

Angels fans have been spoiled over the past decade when it comes to the number 27. First, future Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero wore it. Now, the kid wonder Mike Trout rocks it in center. The number has been reserved for some of the best hitters over the past two decades. The San Diego Padres, however, have just given the number to former Angel Jered Weaver.

Weaver is moving on from his old number 36 with his new team. His reasoning for the change? Apparently, Jered wants to hit like the Millville Meteor. That sounds like a tough task for a guy with four hits and one RBI in 45 career at-bats. That’s an off day for the two-time MVP. Perhaps the number will rub off some of its magic on Weaver this season and he can become a two-way threat.

While Weaver is no longer with the Halos, he now has to bat for San Diego when he starts. Now that is some quality television. Here’s to hoping Jered Weaver pulls off the impossible and whacks a home run this season thanks to the magic of the number 27 jersey. If Bartolo Colon can do it, you better believe Weaver can.

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