Week One Halo of the Week

Updated: April 10, 2017

The Angels have finished up their first week of the 2017 season with a 5-2 record, currently good enough for first in the AL West. I know it’s early in the season but most Angels fans would take this in comparison to how the Angels have started the past few seasons.

As in most years, it is difficult to tell in one week how a team is going to perform over a 162 game schedule. That goes even more for individual performances with many players sporting batting averages over .500 after their first seven games, but no one can deny that getting off to a good start is the hope for anyone who steps into the batter’s box or on the pitcher’s mound.

A few Angels have started off hot this year but in my opinion one player has stood out both in the batter’s box and on the field. That player is Yunel Escobar and that is why he is this year’s first Halo of the Week. YUNEL ESCOBAR

This Week’s Stats:

12/26 .414 average 1.038 OPS

Homerun and double (both off Felix Hernandez)

Two errors in seven games

The Angels’ third baseman has started the season as the offensive leader hitting over .400 in the first week of the season. Never known as a power hitter (career high 14 HRs in 2009) Escobar also hit his first homer of the season against Felix Hernandez Friday night to go along with a double to center field in that same game.

Also in Saturday’s day, Escobar made the throw to first to get the first out in a double play that ended with an incredible tag at third by Andrelton SimmonsIn only 17 chances this year, Escobar has made two errors although one of those errors occurred in the game Friday night when the game was already in hand.

Getting Escobar going early in the season will be a big plus for the Angles in a lineup that needs a complement the offensive output of Trout, Pujols, and Calhoun if they want to challenge for the AL West title.

Halo of the Week Runner Up:

Mike Trout

7/25 .280 average 2 HR 7 RBI

1.047 OPS

One error in seven games


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