What It Takes To Be “Like Mike”

Updated: February 17, 2017

Basically the entire world is conscious of the fact that Mike Trout is the absolute best that baseball has to offer. When his sheer consistency is mulled over to go along with the smorgasbord of accolades he has in his collection, it all speaks for itself more or less. And, of course, let’s not carelessly forget that killer, picture perfect smile Trout is gifted with that would cause even the grumpiest of spirits to crack a smirk or two.

However, what the world may not be all too conscious of is how the reigning AL MVP stays in peak condition in the offseason. The following link from yardbarker.com contains a short clip originally posted by Trout himself that is too unbelievable to fathom at first glance. This is so on behalf of the fact that not a whole lot of individuals can boast even close to the same level of strength number 27 possesses.

There are too many words that come to mind after having seen the video multiple times, yet the only term that is most fitting is one that Angels’ fans occasionally toss around: “Troutstanding.” For some bizarre reason, though, Mr. Webster has not formally adopted it yet. Maybe this snippet from Mike’s workout can spur some change? Maybe it is nothing more than wishful thinking, surely enough, but still.

CBS Sports’ Matt Snyder makes a riveting point when trying to analyze the superstar’s feat. He curiously wonders whether the amount of weight upon the centerfielder’s shoulders adds up to 135 pounds or, on the contrary, 225 pounds in total. Either way the coin is turned, though, this 25 year old freak of nature continues to electrify us all with his extraordinary, otherworldly qualities.

Due to this display, it is unquestionably fair to contend that the New Jersey native means business in 2017. Additionally, it is also crucial to point out that dictionaries will need to be slightly modified in the years to come. Look out everyone.

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