Which Playoff Team Would Angel Fans Want to Root For?

Updated: October 5, 2016

There is no doubt that the Angels aren’t in, and they weren’t really contending for a playoff spot, even though in the month of July, they shade their deficit against the Rangers from 19 games to just 10.

Then, they went into a downward spiral, and have tried to finish strong. In the last 45 games, they did just that, w/ 25 victories and scoring lots of runs to end their campaign on a high note. Of course, injuries from key players desecrated their season, and it should be an excuse as to why the Angels only won 11 games fewer in 2016 than they won in 2015… however, there’s other factors that the Angels were lacking, which includes:

From my humble opinion: Third baseman, one more starting pitcher, and one batter that hits .300 or better. Weaver should continue, but if he wants to stay and maybe have a chance to get the call to Cooperstown, he should play as a closer and rack up 200 saves. Of course, that’s another topic in another day.

In the meantime, there are 10 teams whom earned their way to the postseason, and destined for greatness. Some have waited a few years, others have waited decades for a chance to win a pennant, and there’s the lovable team that is waiting for more than a century to #FlyTheWSFlag.

So what’s an Angel fan to do? If you’re a baseball fan, like me, even though you love the Halos to death, there is no shame to pick a team to root for. The question is which one, and it is debatable for us to choose any one of the ten teams who want 2016 to be their banner year.

Should one Halo fan go for the Western Division alliance and go w/ the Texas Rangers, who won 95 games this season? By the way, Prince Fielder is still eligible to grab a ring, should the Rangers win it all. #SattleUpForOctober

How about going to #Believeland and go w/ the Tribe to have their third title and the first in 68 years, in addition to the Cavaliers winning the crown for their first NBA title and the first in 52 years that a major team would win a major title? #Believeland.

Perhaps you’re secretly a Big Papi fan and want him to hoist the crown for the fourth time in his HOF* career?*He did failed a test in 2003. #WhosYourPapi?

Wanna go wild w/ a team that can fly away w/ the crown? Go for it, but make sure to choose wisely. After all, one birdie team bleeds Halloween colors while the other has the country on their shoulders. Fly w/ either #Birdland or #OurMoment.

Or do you want to switch league alliances because the Angels aren’t in the playoffs for the second consecutive season? No problem.

Since this is an election year, maybe you want to cast your vote and go w/ a team in which our nation’s capital hasn’t had a World Series title since 1924. After all, that would be a capital idea to do so. #CapitalOctober.

Maybe you hate that idea and instead go w/ the team that is looking for redemption. Well, how about a team that is so dying to capture their first crown since 1908 and to reverse the curse of the Billy Goat? Cue the #FlyTheW.

Or, maybe, you’re secretly bleeding blue, even though a certain legend hangs up his mic after 67 years of excellence? Worst case scenario? I’m not judging, so go for it w/ #BlueTober.

Or go w/ one team that is supposed to win this year because it’s an even year? Or go w/ the team that bleeds the same colors that two teams once occupied in the New York City Metropolitan Area? Good luck by picking either #BeliEven or #LGM.

Whatever the case may be, you have ten options to choose from. Or perhaps 11, with the option of going for more than one team? Or the 12th option: Of not giving a darn about the World Series. Ouch. In the meantime, enjoy the postseason, everyone.

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